SmITh Consulting helps organizations work smarter thru the right combination of People, Process & Technology

SmITh Consulting is focused on helping your IT organization to define, deliver and support the IT Services your business needs -- at the right time and cost.  This is done by both leveraging ITIL® best practices along with other tried and true IT Service Management (ITSM) based methodologies and standards from across the IT industry.  Most importantly, any change or improvement must include the right balance of people | process | technology and cannot happen overnight!

SmITh Consulting will work along side your staff to train them, mentor them and with them identify business informed, value-adding areas of needed improvement. The resulting roadmap of actionable improvement initiatives, created and owned by your staff, will add value to your operations and enable you to more effectively meet your business' mission, goals and objectives.

In the ITSM marketplace today, we have more Process and Technology guidance and tools than we know what to do with, and yet, we're still not improving.  SmITh Consulting, in conjunction with Chris Dancy, the founder of ServiceSphere, former Sr. Product Marketing Manager at, and now working in the Office of the CTO at BMC Software, have developed IT Marketing Management to address the colossal gap found in most ITSM initiatives today: the PEOPLE.  We must address this gap head on and ensure we are able to intentionally develop the capabilities for 'rowing the boat in the same direction', breaking down dysfunctional silos, and ensuring we all understand the true customer focused context that is the reason why we exist as a provider of value adding IT Services.

With this, your IT organization has the foundation and vision by which to actionably improve IT operations as an efficient, effective and value-adding enabler to the business.

To find out more specifically how SmITh Consulting can help your organization, please contact us!

Axelos announced as the new Joint Venture that will own and trade on the ‘Best Management Practice’ portfolio, which includes ITIL. Track their developments here on: Twitter @Axelos_GBP & Google+.

The ATO Advisory Council (AAC) has been formed to ensure the voice of the student is heard in the formation of the new Axelos JV. Track our news and work via Google+, Twitter @ATOCouncil, and LinkedIn.
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